Stud Black - Australian Bitumen Based Timber Dressing

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Located near Willow Tree, NSW, John Blanch and his family established Warrawin Holdings Pty Ltd trading as STUD Black in 1980 and have been the exclusive developers, manufacturers and distributors of all STUD Black timber dressings for the ensuing 30+ years.

Since that time, top Australian Thoroughbred Studs have increasingly relied on John Blanch and his family for the care and appearance of their fences.

STUD Black is proud to have Studs like Darley Woodlands, Darley Kelvinside, Darley Northwood Park, Darley Twin Hills, Invermien, Baramul, Segenhoe, Cressfield, Broombee, Oakleigh and Vinery as satisfied clients, just to name a few.

Their trademark STUD Black timber dressings set the standard for appearance, endurance, economy and ease.

Sometimes copied, but never equalled ...

Why use STUD Black timber dressings, Australia's premier black fence finish for wooden post and rail fencesHow to apply and estimate coverage of STUD Black timber dressingsProducts, pricing and how to order STUD Black timber dressings